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Dear Person in my Life

Dear Person in my Life, I have an eating disorder.  I use food to cope with emotional stress.  I use food as a way to avoid awkward or uncomfortable situations.  I eat mindlessly.  I have been a disordered eater for a very long time.  I always thought that it was just because I lacked will-power.  …
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Love Your Mess

I feel as though I could have written this post myself….. Although not so eloquently. Thanks! 😉

I need to be more mindful

I’m not being mindful. I’m falling back to using food. I need to write more but don’t seem to have the time. I think things are slowly coming together, but my life is still far from being manageable. I need to seriously evaluate how I handle the relationships in my life. I feel like a …
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Mental Health Mondays

Eating Disorders are one of many mental health issues. I never really considered it a mental health issue until I found myself in the middle of it. Anyhow. I wrote a blog post for my friend at for her “Mental Health Mondays” series this week. Very fitting as this is the first week of …
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Planning to get better

I have a super busy day tomorrow.  I can’t ‘start’ on my getting better yet.  But I have tried to start planning how I’ll get there.  I posted about 6 big sheets of paper on my kitchen walls, and started doing a brain dump. I got the idea from the book ‘Getting things done” Don’t …
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Learning to Eat Intuitively – Delay Eating

These are some notes I made back in the summer while learning to eat intuitively. Not that I think I’ve mastered it yet, but it was the beginning…want to consolidate my thoughts in one place, so moving them here. These were all journal writings I did instead of eating. Basically, when starting to learn to …
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Bits and Pieces

I`ve spent over ten years stuffing my face with food instead of dealing with the emotions behind why I was eating.  and now I`m getting better at not stuffing my face and letting the emotions surface.  And its scary and it hurts like hell and I`m breaking down.  I don`t have time to be everything …
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