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Standing Up and Staying Strong

Things are good.  They are really good.  I’ve made necessary changes and distanced myself from the negative influences in my life.  It was hard.  One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  But it was necessary and I’m so incredibly grateful for whatever it was (likely my daughter), that gave me the strength …
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The media doesn’t make us sick…it just keeps us that way via @fit_vs_fiction

I knew I had a problem with my relationship for food long before I seemed help for it.  I went on diets knowing I’d fail….(although now I realize that I didn’t fail the diet, but the diet failed me). The past year has been an amazing learning experience and one of the most difficult years …
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Learning to Eat Intuitively – Delay Eating

These are some notes I made back in the summer while learning to eat intuitively. Not that I think I’ve mastered it yet, but it was the beginning…want to consolidate my thoughts in one place, so moving them here. These were all journal writings I did instead of eating. Basically, when starting to learn to …
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I survived the Holidays

Well, it’s January 2nd and I’m the same person I was about ten days ago. But the difference is that I managed to survive though the holidays without being obsessed about food and my weight. Well I had some help since I had two wisdom teeth out. Overall though, I had some great successes the …
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My New Years’ Resolution is to NOT Diet

It’s been a painful week. I had two wisdom teeth removed, so I really had to judge every bite of food going into my mouth. I still do because one side is really sore. I guess this is good practice for Intuitive Eating though. The week before, it was the stomach flu. So it’s been …
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Intuitive Eating Principle #1-Reject The Diet Mentality

I am going to work my way through each Intuitive Eating Principle and where I am with each one.  As I master one, I will move on to the next.  Or then go back a step or two, but I’m going to start at the begining because it’s the one that drew me to this …
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