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Planning to get better

I have a super busy day tomorrow.  I can’t ‘start’ on my getting better yet.  But I have tried to start planning how I’ll get there.  I posted about 6 big sheets of paper on my kitchen walls, and started doing a brain dump. I got the idea from the book ‘Getting things done” Don’t …
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Private Thoughts

I may as well be a single mom then, right? I get it, he can’t handle it.  He gets anxiety.  It sucks, if feels like shit, I’ve had my share of panic attacks.  But he’s not doing anything about them. He thinks I should just be okay with doing everything, never going out and not …
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I’m Angry

Remember the scene from Pretty Woman where Richard Gere is saying how he paid his therapist tons of money so that he could finally say he was angry with his dad? That’s how I feel right now..but about that ‘diet’ industry and society in general. I came across the following image on Pinterest through someone …
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Day By Day

I’m so annoyed I lost my last post. Well, at least I got a lot out. So, this one will be shorter because I’m supposed to be going on a date with DH, but it’s almost 7…don’t think I’m getting my movie… Anyhow… I had been talking about recovery. I feel so much more free …
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Damn it…I just wrote the longest post ever and I lost it!  

Dear Person in my Life

Dear Person in my Life, I have an eating disorder.  I use food to cope with emotional stress.  I use food as a way to avoid awkward or uncomfortable situations.  I eat mindlessly.  I have been a disordered eater for a very long time.  I always thought that it was just because I lacked will-power.  …
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