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Love Your Mess

I feel as though I could have written this post myself….. Although not so eloquently. Thanks! 😉

Mental Health Mondays

Eating Disorders are one of many mental health issues. I never really considered it a mental health issue until I found myself in the middle of it. Anyhow. I wrote a blog post for my friend at for her “Mental Health Mondays” series this week. Very fitting as this is the first week of …
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Planning to get better

I have a super busy day tomorrow.  I can’t ‘start’ on my getting better yet.  But I have tried to start planning how I’ll get there.  I posted about 6 big sheets of paper on my kitchen walls, and started doing a brain dump. I got the idea from the book ‘Getting things done” Don’t …
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Sept 2, 2011

She kept ‘recommending’ an alternative to the dispenser I already bought. After telling her id rathe spend $3 for the convenience she kept making suggetions. Included using a glass mason jar with a scoop.  But that is a brilliant idea to bring when I go to the mall or park trying to make anbottle while holding …
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This nervous twitch is getting worse.  My title to this post is indicative of that.  I didn’t know what title to give this post, and I just spazzed, and that’s what came out…along with me turning on some other weird screen. So that’s what will stay. I see the doctor in an hour.  I don’t …
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Breaking Free

An eating disorder, isn’t about food, or not being able to stick to diets.  It’s about so much more than that.  It`s about your emotional well-being.  What do you meanÉ… I’m ‘crazy’ because I like to eat food? My ‘eating disorder’ isn’t anorexia, or bulemia.  I’ve done some binge eating, and a lot of overeating.   …
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Having an Eating Disorder has very little to do with food

Dealing with some major stress today.  Stress I’ve avoided or dealt with by stuffing my face with everything in sight.  But I can’t do that now.  Partly because I had two wisdom teeth out a week ago, but mainly because I know it’s not going to solve anything.  That’s a bit of progress I suppose. …
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