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Every day in every way things are getting better

I don’t recall where I heard this. It was recently, but I’ve completely forgotten where I picked up this line…or it was something similar. So, I missed a day of blogging yesterday. I was completely exhausted though. I did think about my blog. Visit it and say hello. But I think more importantly, I visited …
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Are you Happy? It’s not that simple..

Where is the flow chart for “Change Something” ? Because that is definately not just one step.  It’s more like 4,743,094 well, maybe a little less if you’re lucky. I’m not ready to try and be positive and embrace life yet.  I’ve been pretending that life was all hunky dorey and wonderful to avoid dealing …
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You make your own security

I think there is a lot of turmoil in my mind because I struggle with feeling selfish while wanting to do so much for others. I know I need to take better care of myself: physically and emotionally.  But I feel like I need every hour of every day to do it.  So am I …
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One day at a time

Sigh.  I don’t know what to write today.  But I have to write.  There is something inside that needs to come out and sitting idly by, being numb to everything around me is not going to help me on my journey. Yesterday was difficult.  The day after realizing I need to get in touch with …
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Where do I go from here?

I’ve just spent the last hour and a bit reading a blog of someone I am going to meet tomorrow for the first time.  I got invited to her ‘party’ through a mutual twitter friend.  This person is a recovering alcoholic.  Has had life throw her a huge curve ball, and she’s using it to …
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I have an eating disorder.

I have an eating disorder.  I have an eating disorder.  I have an eating disorder. I have an eating disorder. I do.  I have an eating disorder. That is what I learned today.  That is what I have to accept today.  I have to believe it.  I have to accept it.  Just like an alcoholic …
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