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Every day in every way things are getting better

I don’t recall where I heard this. It was recently, but I’ve completely forgotten where I picked up this line…or it was something similar.

So, I missed a day of blogging yesterday. I was completely exhausted though. I did think about my blog. Visit it and say hello. But I think more importantly, I visited other blogs and left comments. I shared a piece of myself with others who are sharing with me. It was still helpful and therapeutic, so I don’t feel so bad for not actually putting thoughts into words in a post.

And that brings us to today. Where I’m feeling slightly better than the other day. I got really pissed off about a friend situation yesterday. I was really hurt and seething with anger. I started writing a rather nasty email when she luckily called me back and we were able to rationally discuss it. And I’m glad, because the intent to be mean and hurtful wasn’t there as I suspected.

I did surprise myself at how upset I got though. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t write too, because I had already dished some of it out in the email that didn’t get sent. Ah well. Luckily the situation has somewhat resolved itself for now.

I need to find non-food related ways to deal with stress. I did eat even though I wasn’t hungry..and um drink two glasses of wine.

I just have to remember that this is a long slow process and get focused. Solutions won’t come easily, but they’ll come. A little bit at a time, I just have to embrace it all…

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