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I need to be more mindful

I’m not being mindful. I’m falling back to using food. I need to write more but don’t seem to have the time.

I think things are slowly coming together, but my life is still far from being manageable.

I need to seriously evaluate how I handle the relationships in my life. I feel like a constant disappointment to those around me. I don’t mean to be mean or harsh, but I don’t know how else to react sometimes. There is always so much more than what sits at the surface of things.

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  • Been there. STILL there in some ways at times.
    Find time to write…even if it’s just in point form…write down what you’re feeling. When we keep things inside, they tend to just circle around endlessly, putting them on paper helps us to see things more clearly.

    When it comes to the people around you..maybe try to write down EXACTLY what you need from them..then talk to them about it and see what they are capable or willing to give..that way there’s no time wasted on will KNOW what to expect and what you shouldn’t expect and can start figuring other ways to get what you need.


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