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Planning to get better

I have a super busy day tomorrow.  I can’t ‘start’ on my getting better yet.  But I have tried to start planning how I’ll get there.  I posted about 6 big sheets of paper on my kitchen walls, and started doing a brain dump.

I got the idea from the book ‘Getting things done” Don’t recall who wrote it now, and I’m too tired to google it.

Essentially, it’s a book to help you get organized.  The concept is you write down and record as much as you can so it’s not in your head. Thus, leaving your head with more room to deal with other stuff.

But in order for it to be really effective, you need to purge and sort all your thoughts.  Well, most of them anyhow.

I’ll take a picture of my sheets tomorrow and post them here.  Essentially, I have my ‘category’ sheets, (Home, Health, Job, Business, Finances..etc..) and then I’m writing all my ‘stuff’ in those categories…they’ll eventually need to be broken down into tasks that require actions, can be filed away, or thrown out…that’s for another day…right now, I need sleep!

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