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Sept 2, 2011

She kept ‘recommending’ an alternative to the dispenser I already bought. After telling her id rathe spend $3 for the convenience she kept making suggetions. Included using a glass mason jar with a scoop.  But that is a brilliant idea to bring when I go to the mall or park trying to make anbottle while holding a squirmy baby. I even said. Are u really going to start an arument w me over a formula dispenser?

Feeling: annoyed, frustrated that she makes suggestion without bothering to ask me why I think it’s better. Assumes she knows best all the time. Nothin I say or think is right. Can never please her. Guilty for not being ae to give hernthe relatinsjip she wants. And I want too. Will never get. Sad. Not supported. Ever. Makes me doubt myself but if I stop and think I know she’s wrng.
Was being the same way w my dad. Why didn’t u have ur cereal at x time? Just finish the whole bag it’s practically empty (and he was…just slow coming out)

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