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I can’t handle this

I had a break down on Thursday. I was having a pretty good week. Just came back from a group therapy session that went well. I felt like I was getting a good grasp of this Intuitive Eating thing. And I am. It’s a success, I know. But I can’t handle everything else. I’ve been …
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Intuitive Eating Principle #2: Honour Your Hunger

I think I may be having some problems with this principle lately.  Mainly because I’ve been throwing myself into work, and now I’m starting to forget to eat.  I’m becoming more mindless. In a way it’s good though because I’m sort of getting a better sense of how it feels to really truely be hungry, …
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I can’t hold all these balls in the air. They are going to come crashing down any second. I’m only me.  Me used to be able to handle all the balls. But today, I can’t. I don’t want to.  I feel my inner child rebelling. I don’t want to feel what I feel.  I want …
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I survived the Holidays

Well, it’s January 2nd and I’m the same person I was about ten days ago. But the difference is that I managed to survive though the holidays without being obsessed about food and my weight. Well I had some help since I had two wisdom teeth out. Overall though, I had some great successes the …
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Are you Happy? It’s not that simple..

Where is the flow chart for “Change Something” ? Because that is definately not just one step.  It’s more like 4,743,094 well, maybe a little less if you’re lucky. I’m not ready to try and be positive and embrace life yet.  I’ve been pretending that life was all hunky dorey and wonderful to avoid dealing …
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