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Why does it always feel like everything happens at once

It’s been a fucking roller coaster the past week. I don’t know how I managed to survive it really. Maybe because the ride is still moving. All I really want to do is eat. I just want to go to the store and buy three bags of chips and sit on my couch and eat …
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Where did my happy go?

I’m not happy. And there are many reasons…I think. Or maybe there are none. I don’t konw. But I do know one thing. I lost my happy somewhere along the way. I was driving on Friday. A song came on and I cried. It was ‘You Shook Me all night long..” That used to be …
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Are you Happy? It’s not that simple..

Where is the flow chart for “Change Something” ? Because that is definately not just one step.  It’s more like 4,743,094 well, maybe a little less if you’re lucky. I’m not ready to try and be positive and embrace life yet.  I’ve been pretending that life was all hunky dorey and wonderful to avoid dealing …
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