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So what about Meds?

My therapist seems to think I’m managing well.  I’ve been making some decisions, or rather they were kind of made for me. I’m still stressed out.  I’m nervous at what is coming.  I am usually excited about change and whatever is new on the horizon, but this time I’m scared.I’m worried I won’t be able …
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Random Rant

I’m starting to cringe at things.  You probably wouldn’t notice if you were around me.  And I’m finding there is a lot of stuff setting me off.  It’s becoming impossible to live in my house..even though I”ve hired a housekeeper. What’s the point in spending the money when the house is a disaster again within 12 …
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I can’t handle this

I had a break down on Thursday. I was having a pretty good week. Just came back from a group therapy session that went well. I felt like I was getting a good grasp of this Intuitive Eating thing. And I am. It’s a success, I know. But I can’t handle everything else. I’ve been …
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What would your “day after” look like?

This post was inspired by effortlessly perfect ‘s blog post, The Day After . : I don’t know if what I hit was rock bottom.  But I know I was in that position.  Waiting for rock bottom, or some major life event to kick me into recovery…although most of that time I didn’t know or …
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Talking my way to healthy eating

I’m emotionally exhausted today.  I had three big emotional ‘events’ one being a very good therapy session. I don’t remember what it was, but I finally decided to get professional help for my ’emotional eating’ some time last summer.  I knew I just couldn’t do this myself. Maybe it was feeling like I had no …
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