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The media doesn’t make us sick…it just keeps us that way via @fit_vs_fiction

I knew I had a problem with my relationship for food long before I seemed help for it.  I went on diets knowing I’d fail….(although now I realize that I didn’t fail the diet, but the diet failed me).

The past year has been an amazing learning experience and one of the most difficult years of my life.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions, most of the time on the down-slope.  I feel like it’s just starting to level out.  I am grateful that I have found support, even if it was where I least expected it.

I can’t always articulate what I’ve learned about Intuitive Eating, recovering from an eating disorder, why diets don’t work or why I feel so passionately about all of these things now.  So, as I continue on this journey of healing (I really don’t like using these ‘let’s all hold hands’ terms and phrases, but I’m at a loss to how to better word them…bear with me.) … I will share what others’ write as well.  Especially when it feels exactly like the thoughts going through my head that I just can’t put into words.

Marci’s latest blog post is exactly that.  And I had to dedicate this entire post to hers because it is so dead on.

I hope you will find it as inspiring and insightful as I did.


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