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What I’ve learned in a year

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the last year. ┬áThe story is long and a bit painful, and some day I will share it with all of you, but for today, I will share what I have learned about myself and how I fit into this world over the last year.

I’ve learned:

  • I like people and I like to be social.
  • I feel emotions deeply and passionately, both extremes
  • I am smart
  • I am more competent than I give myself credit for
  • My experiences have led me to where I am today
  • I always want to do more and be more, and that’s okay.
  • It’s okay to not be able to be all that I want to be all at once.
  • All I can do is try my best
  • Whatever will be will be, but doesn’t mean I can’t try to influence it
  • I have a strong desire to see and help others succeed.
  • It’s okay to say no if I have to.
  • It’s okay to stand up for myself
  • There is a lot more happiness around me than I thought
  • Progress is slow and all good things take time to happen
  • I am worthy of love, success and friendships that surround me
  • I have ‘something’ valuable to share with everyone I meet
  • I am grateful of all the wonderful connections I’ve made in the past year.
  • Now is always the beginning
  • As long as I am breathing, there is more that is right with me than wrong.


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