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What’s going on this week??

Well, I guess I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I’m really trying to focus on getting organized and getting all my shit together because no one else is going to do it for me or help me. I’ve started my new job and while it’s part-time, it’s still long days. I have a lot of biz stuff of my own going on and I’m really trying to keep up with everything.

I’m excited about this new community I’m trying to build, and I’m really looking forward to growing a support network!

I overate yesterday and today. But even still, it’s nothing like what I would have done a year ago. And I knew I was doing it, and I made a conscious decision. I had an urge to make beef jerky and it’s just so darn yummy!

Or maybe I’m just craving protein or something.

Anyhow. I ate it all up over the last two days. Well, now that I think of it, I probably balanced it out by listening to my body during the day because I really didn’t have that much to eat all day..

Ah, whatever. I’ve started exercising a bit this week. But I can’t really call it that. I walked to work, and attempted something like pushups and sit-ups this morning.
It was better than what I’ve done the last several months though!

Baby steps!

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